Our programs are based on the principles and procedures of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). They are designed to change behaviours in meaningful ways with the purpose of increasing independence and quality of life for the individual and their families.

At Together Behaviour Consulting, we design individualized treatment plan which will best supports your child’s unique needs based on the best practice guidelines, your family goals and the assessed needs.

We currently offer:

  1. Parent Coaching and Support
  2. ABA Therapy 
  3. ESDM Therapy (Early Start Denver Model)
  4. Positive Behaviour Support
  5. Online services

With all our programs, we like to work in close collaboration with the other professionals involved in your child’s therapy (Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, School team…).

1. Parent Coaching and Support

Parent coaching is an essential part of each child’s learning plan. It allows parents to contribute to their child’s learning by being active participants. 

During our parent coaching sessions, parents will:

  • Learn strategies to preempt the development of chronic and severe problem behaviours.
  • Learn to address challenging situations.
  • Support their child’s play skills.
  • Promote the development of their child’s social and communicative skills.
  • Support their child’s daily life skills (e.g: toileting, eating or sleeping).

Parent coaching sessions can also be embedded in the ABA or ESDM programs to ensure that your child’s skills are maintained and generalized across different environments and with different people.

Parent coaching and support

2. ABA Program

Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific approach to understanding behaviours. It refers to a set of principles that focus on how behaviours change, or are affected by the environment, as well as how learning takes place.

While these principles impact everyone each day, they can be applied systematically through interventions to help individuals to learn and to apply new skills in their daily lives.

To develop goals and intervention strategies individualized to your child’s needs and strenght, an evaluation of his skills will first be conducted.

A Behaviour Plan of Intervention will then be developed to support your child in the following areas:

  • Social
  • Play
  • Communication
  • Life skills (feeding, sleeping, toileting, dressing, etc.)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Gross / fine motor skills
  • Academics

Our ABA Program gives your child the opportunity to develop skills in the natural environment within playing activities and daily routines.

Sessions can be scheduled at home, preschool, daycare or in the community.

ABA program

3. ESDM Program

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is an early intervention approach specifically developed for children between the ages of 12 and 48 months with or showing signs of autism. Known to enhance motivation, engagement and learning, the ESDM combines a behavioural / relationship-based approach with a more developmental / play-based approach.

Some important points about ESDM:

  • Is based on the understanding of early childhood learning and development.
  • Can be implemented in everyday routines and play activities by therapists and caregivers to build positive and fun relationships.
  • Recognizes that caregivers are integral parts of their child’s intervention team.
  • Uses the teaching principles of applied behaviour analysis.
  • Focuses on teaching communication, social attention, imitation, play, gross and fine motor skills, as well as personal independence skills. 

During an ESDM session, communication and social interactions are facilitated by engaging the child in fun and preferred activities.

The child and adult are active participants: they offer ideas, take turns and share the responsibility for initiating, playing and ending activities.

ESDM program

4. Positive Behaviour Support

Challenging behaviours (e.g: aggression, disruption, self-injuries) will likely require intervention at some point in the life of a person diagnosed with autism. Behaviour intervention has been proven to be effective in addressing these challenges, especially when a functional assessment is conducted.

We work collaboratively with the child, his family and other professionals involved in the child’s life to understand why problem behaviour is occurring.

Our services include:

  • A comprehensive assessment (i.e: interview, brief analysis).
  • The development of a Behaviour Support Plan (outlining proactive strategies, environmental adaptations. strategies to support the development of new skills and reactive strategies to manage behaviours that are not preventable).
  • Coaching and training.
  • A program evaluation.
Positive Behaviour Support

5. Online Services

Not feeling comfortable receiving in-person therapy?

Living in a remote area where direct services are not easily accessible?

We are happy to offer online services through secure and easy virtual meetings to existing clients or new families.

Please contact us to discuss your options.

Online services

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